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Original title: PARVIZ International title: PARVIZ CAST * Levon Haftvan * Homeira Nonahali * Mahmoud Behrouzian CREW Director : Majid Barzegar Screenplay : Hamed Rajabi ; Bardia Yadegari ; Majid Barzegar Director of Photography : Amin Jafari Editing :Javad Emami Sound Recorder : Mehran Malakouti Sound Mixer : Mehran Malakouti Set Designer : Leila Naghdi Pari Costume designer : Leila Naghdi Pari Make-Up : Elham Salehi Executive Manager : Mehdi Barzegar Producer : Saeed Armand Shooting format : RED 5K Screening format : DCP, Blu-Ray Sound : SR / 5.1 Ratio : 16/9 FPS : 24 Original version : Persian Subtitled in : English or Spanish Running Time : 107 min Year : 2012 Fiction – Colour – 107min – 2012 - Iran.

Synopsis: SHORT Parviz is a fifty-year-old man having lived his entire life with his father and never held a job. When his father decides to remarry Parviz is abrubtly kicked out of home. Used to a life doing the housework for his father and odd jobs in the quiet residential complex in which they live, Parviz suddenly finds himself confronted with a new and entirely alien experience. Nevertheless, this experience will provide him with the power to re-establish human relationships on his own terms. Synopsis: Long Parviz is a man in his fifties who has lived his entire life in his father's home and never held a job. His days are spent in doing housework for his father and chores for the people of the residential complex in which they live. This quiet routine suddenly comes apart with his father's decision to remarry. He tells Parviz to move out and live in a place he has rented for him. When Parviz leaves the complex, the residents, who had previously cheerfully accepted his assistance, begin to treat him as a pariah. Under these alien conditions, the normally mild-mannered Parviz begins to discover the more forceful aspects of his personality. In discovering the violent power he can yield he begins to show his father and the other residents that they cannot cast him out of their lives so easily. Director’s statement 'Parviz' is the continuation of the exploration that began in my last film, 'Rainy Seasons.' An exploration of a particular form of cinema and a portrayal of sections of urban life, the tensions and mundaneness of which form part of my society. I have tried to tell the story of an ordinary man who, as he discovers the destructive aspect of power, is transformed into a different person. Biography: Born in 1973 in Hamedan Iran, Majid Barzegar holds a BA in Film and an MA in Dramatic Literature. He has made several short and documentary films. Rainy Seasons (2010), his first feature film, has been in official selection at festivals such as Rotterdam and Montreal

Filmography: Short Films 2002 : Walking in the Fog; Fiction; 27 min; 35 mm; Iran 2000 : The Old and Doleful Ballad of Asmar’s rainy Afternoon; Fiction; Colour; 30 min; 35 mm; Iran. 1998 : The Alleys of the Wind; Fiction; Colour; 15 min; 16 mm; Iran Feature Films 2015 : A Very Ordinary Citizen: Fiction; Colour; 105min; HD; Iran-Czech 2012 : PARVIZ: Fiction; Colour; 105min; HD; Iran 2010 : Rainy Seasons; Fiction; Colour; 86 min; 35mm; Iran

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