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A very Ordinary Citizen

(12.JUNI.2016) international title:A Very Ordinary Citizen

original title:Yek Shahrvand-e Kamelan Maamouli

country:Iran, Czech Republic



directed by:Majid Barzegar

film run:100'

screenplay:Jafar Panahi, Majid Barzegar

cast:Souren Mnatsakanian, Shadi Karamroudi, Nahid Hadadi

cinematography by:Amin Jafari

film editing:Hamidreza Barzegar

art director:Leila Naghdi Pari

costumes designer:Leila Naghdi Pari

producer:Majid Modarresi, Saeed Armand

co-producer:Jordi Niubo, Kaveh Farnam

production:IO- in/out, Armand Production, Media Nest

A mundane tragedy plays out as a very, very slow-burn thriller in “A Very Ordinary Citizen,” an oblique drama from Iranian indie helmer Majid Barzegar. Much like Barzegar’s previous effort, “Parviz,” the story revolves around a protagonist who has settled into a limited routine, and who starts to commit sociopathic acts when change enters his life. Rigorously shot in long takes, eschewing standard narrative beats and withholding key narrative information, “Citizen” is constructed like a puzzle, but one that doesn’t quite satisfy even when complete. Nevertheless, the reputation of co-writer Jafar Panahi (“Taxi”) should attract further fest dates.

The tale unfolds in an autumnal Tehran. Eightysomething Mr. Safari (Souren Mnatsakanian) is a slow-moving retiree whose mental faculties are on the decline. He barely answers questions, let alone speaks. He lives alone; his wife’s fate is unclear. His son, Parviz, immigrated to Canada and cannot return to Iran

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